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Printing Digital Designs on Specialty Paper

In this post I'm sharing a review of some specialty papers (specifically vellum & canvas) that I use for printing digital designs for my crafting and memory keeping projects.

Printing on Specialty Paper

I'm honored to be a brand ambassador for Ali Edwards Design Inc. And in this post I'll be using the digital files of these super cute die cut trees that sold out like hotcakes on December Daily release day. This set of 5 die cut trees are printed with gold foil accents on transparent plastic. I was lucky enough to get a set to create with for my Product Play lesson where I create the most magical wintery page with these trees. But I also wanted to find a way that you could recreate this foundation page using the digital version of the trees. Hence, this blog post!

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In the video below I share a quick tutorial to show how I set up a page design with the digital trees using Canva.

I share more tips & videos like this one in the Scrapbook with Canva community.

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In this next video, I share my printed page reviews.

I printed each letter sized page on my home printer; an HP Envy Photo 7155 that I've had for a few years now. I don't believe it's still available, but this one looks like it might be the newest version. I have also cut down these papers and printed digital designs with my Epson PM-400 photo printer with great results!

Once my pages were all printed, I wanted to recreate the gold foil accents that were on the plastic die cut trees. A crafty friend of mine, Jessica, highly recommended these paint markers from Hobby Lobby and I have to totally agree with her on this. They are fantastic!

In this next video I test out the gold paint marker on my pages.

And in this video below I share my thoughts on how the gold looks on each type of paper.

And as promised here's the information for the specialty papers I used in the video.

No. 1 | Grafix Vellum 30# weight

My favorite all round vellum!

No. 2 | Jam Paper Vellum 36# weight

​A good choice for a thicker "paper-like" weigh vellum

No. 3 | Inkjet Art Paper // Canvas

An off-white thicker textured canvas

No. 4 | Canvas Pad // Cotton Canvas

A thinner, smoother fabric like texture.

In the end, I chose paper No.3 to use for my next project; a handmade beaded ornament. It's giving me all the Anthropologie vibes. You can discover more December Daily inspiration & ideas on IG #decemberdaily or follow me here.


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