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Beaded Embellished Trees

In a previous post I shared how I used digital files to create a physical embellishment printed on a textured canvas paper. Now I'm going to share the steps I used to turn these into a one of a kind heirloom ornament for my holiday decor.

Supplies Needed

  • embroidery floss or thread

  • needle

  • assorted seed beads

  • sequins

  • washi tape

  • pattern paper, felt or fabric (for back)

  • adhesive

It's easy to embellish these canvas paper trees to make them your own; just a heads up that it will take you a bit of time to string the beads. I used metallic gold embroidery floss and a mix of tiny seed beads and sequins I had on hand in my craft supplies. I found it relaxing and a change of page from paper crafting. The stitches are secured on the backside with washi tape to hold the ends in place. Then I covered the backside with a card stock pattern paper and adhered them together with this adhesive. You also could sew/stitch around the outline as an option.

Once it was dry, I fussy cut out the tree shape outline. Then punched a small hole in the top of the star, making sure it wasn't too close to the top, and attached gold embroidery thread for hanging.

I'm planning to add to my collection each year with something handcrafted as a new holiday tradition, and I hope this has inspired you to make an ornament of your own.


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