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PORTFOLIO First Scrapbook - 1982 | newsprint pages with photos & memorabilia from a trip to California with my best friend in highschool Design Teams | TLC - Product Manufacturer | Independent Kit Clubs | AED Ambassador Classess | Create with Canva | Documenting December | WITL with Canva

Hello!  I'm Kim.

I'm a memory keeper embracing a hybrid approach to scrapbooking exclusively ​using ​

Canva design software.  You're invited to join our community to be inspired, learn,

& share stories together. 

​Better Scrapbooks. Less Effort!



I've always loved creating. 


My earliest creative memory is of my first spirograph set and all the colored pens (oh how I loved that) and a light up tracing desk I got one year for Christmas. As a child, I built lego houses and tiny lego furniture to fill the rooms.  As a teenager, I embraced design trends and put up pink floral wallpaper (on all four bedroom walls - what was I thinking?) but I was super proud that I did it all by myself.  In my early twenties, my creativity evolved into making hand crafted home decor as gifts for family and friends. (think 80's country with cows and dried flowers)

My scrapbooking journey started in 2002 when I friend kept inviting me to go to a Creative Memories crop night with her.  Honestly I said no, more than once.  I came up with excuses not to go several times.  Until...I ran out of reasons not to go.  And dang it, I knew it was going to happen.  I knew I would love it.  I was hooked!  

Maybe like many of you reading this, I went all in with this hobby, bought all the supplies, and got caught up in the hype of this growing industry.  Over time, I found that the products didn't really fit with my style.  So yet again I found myself evolving creatively, along with the industry.  

In 2005 I explored digital scrapbooking.  I taught myself CS3, and it took me over 10 hours (and many tears) just to make one page!  Then came professional design programs; Photoshop and Photoshop Elements.  Learning and re-learning all this software each time I wanted to make something just wasn't fun anymore.  I just wanted simple and easy.  

Thank goodness that technology has also evolved!  Fast forward to 2018. I needed to find a way to create a marketing ad for my employer and I knew that Word was definitely not an option.  I didn't have time to learn or the budget to invest in more design software.  Then with the help of Google, I discovered Canva - free + easy design software anyone can use.   And all of my digital design dreams came true!  

Then I got that light bulb moment that I could actually use Canva for scrapbooking!


In 2020 I started a blog (and also created my first IG account) to share my hybrid scrapbook pages made using Canva.  Soon, everyone online seemed curious about Canva. In 2021 I was approached with the amazing opportunity to teach Canva to a community of memory keepers.  My first class, Create with Canva went live and our community Scrapbook with Canva has reached over 3K members, and it's still growing!  Now, my creative time can look more like writing blog posts, recording tutorial videos, and custom designing Canva templates for my shop. 

As I move into the future with this hobby, I'm more intentional about my memory keeping projects (and using more digital design is definitely a part of that). I'm thinking a lot about what stories and photos I want to share with future generations. And what that would look like in a world where everything digital is in the palm of your hand.

But I'll be always "crushing on" all the pretty supplies + and a super fun paper scrapbook page.  



Interested in working with me? 

I'm open to new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Connect with Me.

Thanks for reaching out!

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