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See why memory keepers are raving about Canva!

"I just started playing around in Canva a couple months ago, but really needed a good beginner's tutorial to help me unleash its possibilities for my memory keeping projects. Your guided instruction made it easy and accessible." 


Mind blown!

I followed along with Kim so easily and ended up with a 4x6 card printed on my Epson PM 400. So easy and now I cannot wait to do more with Canva!!! Thanks so much Kim!!! 

"Thank you Kim for this first class & for teaching this course. It was easy to follow and easy to complete. I am so glad to be finally taking the time to learn Canva after 2 years. I stay committed to learning fully if I'm in a class environment."

"Are you a mind reader???!!!
​This is exactly what I've been looking for. I'm so frustrated trying to learn PS Elements. Heck I've had trouble trying to download different fonts into Word in my effort to just "keep it simple". I'm so excited for this class! Thank you!!!!"

"Can't believe how intuitive this app is! I have been attempting to do more in Affinity on my iPad, but it's still a pretty steep learning curve. With this, I feel as if I can hit the ground running."

"You had me at “organize your digital files”! If I could get my digital files organized so I could actually find what I am looking for, it would be invaluable! Can’t wait to dive in!"

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"I use Canva LITERALLY every day for work and personal...but I've NEVER thought to use it for my memory keeping! What!?? I know, crazy!

Thank you! Love the potential already!"

Are you ready to try Canva yet?

"I've tried a few other programs and apps but nothing has really grabbed me. I had discovered Canva previously for work to create social media posts but didn't realize it could be used for scrapbooking so i was SUPER excited when i saw this class and how reasonably priced it was!!"

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"Wahoo! I did it!

Never before when doing digital was I able to create a design on the same night as the lesson and not be frustrated!"

"I am so happy I signed up for this class. It is worth every penny just for the intro lesson! I think of all the time I have spent on other design software just trying to type and change text colour and I want to cry. They have never worked for me because they just are not intuitive and I do not want to spend hours working out how to use them properly! I want to spend my time making things. This is a game changer for me. Thank you so much!"

"I am so excited for this class and the POSITIVE impact it will have on my scrapping life. I tried other programs that I won't name here, but they were so complicated that I gave up. I am already on board with the Canva tool, just taking a brief look after watching this first lesson I am amazed at what you can accomplish in just a few clicks, things that took me 30+mins in other programs. So happy!"

"These classes are very understandable and visuals are outstanding. I am going to retire Photoshop! That program takes forever to understand - and hours and hours to learn anything. I hope you are going to do more classes I would sign up in a heart beat.
​Thank you so much. I think I am finally going to enjoy hybrid scrapbooking."

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"I've been a paper scrapbooker for years, and have tried Photoshop, etc., at various times but was always super frustrated. I work with computers all day long, but am not very tech savvy. You are an excellent teacher, and I'm so excited to check out the next lesson. It's also really satisfying to already have my reason why ready to go for DD 2021."


"Thank you Kim. Stopped and started your video and worked on Canva as you gave directions. Less than half an hour and I have a 6x4 saved with a fab free background from Canva. I only had the confidence to try some extra things because your instructions were so good, and you taught us how to go back if we went wrong. This course is going to be fab."

"I've been collecting digital kits and elements, many free, over the past few years and only dabbled with them as I have been tech challenged to say the least. Making from scratch took me less time than battling with apps or programs. 🤣  Your teaching style is so great & my world has expanded. Can't wait to really play with all my files during & after class is over. Organizing them better is going to be a priority to ease of use I think. Thank you Kim!"

"Thank you so much!!!! This lesson is everything I have always wanted to do with my photos but was always confused in PSE trying to do it. This is the look/design element that I have most admired of all Ali's photos and layouts. I love it when she combines digital and text to enhance her photos and stories-especially in her December Daily. Canva is so much easier than PSE. It should have always been this easy to just drag and drop what you want to put on top of your photos."

"This is the best class for working with a program I've ever seen! You can't imagine, how often I tried to understand PS and others, I even took a "physical" class for it. You do it so much better, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge."

"For almost a year I've researched hybrid documenting/memory keeping, wishing for a way to create some of these same types of beautiful, fun, creative pages without having to use several steps in a word doc (on my old mac) or an iPhone app.
When I discovered this class offering, I thought it was too good to be true, that I'd finally found an answer that would fit my needs after all this time! And it did not disappoint! As lesson six came to a close I was tearful as well, because I am so grateful to you for introducing me to the Canva tool and for your excellent teaching skills! Now I can finally use all I've learned to create the hybrid pages I've wanted to for so long in my fave project of all - December Daily! Thanks again!"

"Adios Photoshop!!! Thank you Kim! I’m so glad I took this class."​

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