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3D Photo Effect Tutorial

A cool Canva effect that makes it look like your photos are 3D and spilling out over your scrapbook pages.

Hope Story Kit // Ali Edwards Design Inc.

Before we start, I do want to mention that to achieve this effect you will need to have a Canva Pro account. If you haven't upgraded your account yet, this just might be the Pro feature that pushes you over the edge. (ha! see what I did there) I'm going to walk you through the steps in the video below, but also I'll list them here just in case you need to refer back to this post as a quick reference. For this demo I'm working on a 6x8 page design.

How-To Create the Photo Overflow Effect in Canva Pro
  1. Insert your photo into position on your design (page 1)

  2. Enlarge the photo to place it in the area you want it to overflow into

  3. Add a new page to your design (page 2)

  4. Copy + Paste the enlarged photo to page 2 (cmd C + cmd V)

  5. Search to find the background remover feature in Canva

  6. With your page 2 photo selected (blue frame will show around photo) click on background remover and watch the background of your photo magically disappear!

  7. On page 1, now crop your original photo to fit 4x6

  8. Then copy the edited page 2 photo back to page 1 (it should perfectly align into place)

  9. Click the LOCK icon (I like to call it digital glue) to make sure these don't accidentally move out of place

  10. Now you can finish up the design of you page; add journal cards, additional photos or text

How fun right? I found myself trying it over and over again with different photos just for fun.

If you're new to all of this, I invite you to join the Scrapbook with Canva community for more inspiration and tips on how to use Canva in your memory keeping projects.


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