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Week In The Life 2021 // Planning Post

Week in the Life 2021 is coming up soon and it's definitely one of my most favorite projects to document. This year the community is documenting the week of May 10-16th. This year I decided to purchase the Paislee Press mini kit (now discounted while supplies last)pictured above along with the digital versions of the journal cards and the weekly divider pages. And like last year, I will again be using a 4"x8" album from Citrus Twist Kits. I choose Dove Gray and it's such a dreamy perfect gray and matches the kit so well. They even threw in a few surprise goodies with my order. ​ I do have an idea for those Instax page protectors, stay tuned!

One of the things that makes this project so easy for me is pre-planning out my page design as templates in Canva so each day I can just drop in my photos and quickly journal while it's fresh in my mind. If you haven't tried using Canva for scrapbooking yet, I hope that you'll read on to learn more. In this post I'm sharing how I'm laying out my pages. And in our new community group Scrapbook with Canva I have a video that shows you step by step how I did this. If you've ever wanted to try Hybrid scrapbooking, this might be the perfect project for you to start with. (trust can do this!)

Using the super easy drag & drop method, I uploaded my digital files into a folder in Canva, so everything is together. I really love how large the images are which helps me visualize how they will work in my page designs.

After flipping through my 2020 WITL album again as a refresher, I made a note of things I wanted to do again, like large full page photos, (love that) and keeping my journaling to one page per day. With that in mind, I started a new 4"x8"page design in Canva. Added photo placeholders (called grids) and journal cards to create a page formula. I made a couple of changes to the "details" journal card and I'm excited to play around with this card this year; maybe adding some stamping & cork pieces.

With my hybrid templates designed, I feel like I'm now set up for success and it will be easy to keep track daily. If all goes as planned, I'll have a fully completed album at the end of the week! I hope you'll continue to follow along as I document this week in May.

2021 WITL Album

2022 WITL Album

For 2022 I tried something a little different. I created my WITL pages with LIVE videos, tutorials, daily page updates and album walkthroughs in an exclusive Canva WITL group. I invite you to join the Scrapbook with Canva community to learn about upcoming album project groups. These smaller communities can help you become more comfortable learning the Canva design software for memory keeping, and may provide the accountability you need to complete your albums.



Lori: So great! Love these ideas. How are you printing your 4x8 templates? The Epson PM 400 only prints up to 5x7, right?

Kim: Thanks! Great question. Actually if you adjust the settings on the printer, you can enter a custom size. To print a 4x8 page, I print on paper cut to 5 x 8.5 and I changed the paper size in the settings. You can see how to change your PM-400 printer settings in this post.

Lori: WHAT?! My mind has just been blown! I cannot believe I was not aware of this after having this printer for several years. I don’t like using my big printer and now I don’t need to! Thank you!!!

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