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Week In The Life 2020 // Saturday

I started my album on Saturday and heres a look at how the pages came together.

Here's a look at how I started to put my Week In The Life 2020 Album pages together using the templatesI created in Canva. I loved following the design formula I put together starting with a large full 4"x8" page photo, then a photo grid page, a 3"x4" pocket page, 4"x8" journaling page and ending each day with another 4"x8" full page photo. Following this formula made it easy to create a cohesive look to my album with a very nice flow.

For 2020 I intentionally chose to start my album on Saturday so I could include my daughters birthday & Mother's Day on Sunday.

The background of this photo of my daughter below was really dark, and I wanted to find a way to make it more fun with a pop of color. I created a shaker pocket by using a 3"x4" cello bag, filled with a few sequins, then added a strip of pattern paper at the bottom. Pealed off the strip to sealed the back of the bag and inserted it right into the pocket page. I love how fun this looks!

I created the dividers for each day using patterned acetate I had on hand and used elements from the WITL 2019 kit by Ali Edwards. On the dividers I used a large heart paired with a circle sticker on a metal rimmed tag. I'm going to repeat this formula for each day as one of the cohesive elements that will tie my album together.

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