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Kit & Embellishment Storage

I'm a huge fan of having an organized space where everything has a home, the most used items are within easy reach. This craft space by Melissa of Design, Eat, Repeat inspires me so much. It's just so fun & happy!

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Although I'm inspired by all things storage & organization on IG & Pinterest right now, and I know that although there are many beautifully organized spaces to be found, I have to remember what works best for me. In this post I talk about consumable & non-consumable supplies, and open vs closed storage when organizing craft supplies. That post also highlights how I store my acrylic story stamps from Ali Edwards.

I've been subscribing to Ali's kits since 2016 and maybe you're like me and have collected more supplies than you've been able to use. In this post I'm going to share how I store currently Ali's Story Kits along with some tips I've learned in the process.

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Over the years my personal memory keeping style has evolved with the industry. Supplies I once collected, I have now edited, (which is super important) and a few house moves along the way certainly helped with that! I now find that smaller albums like 6x8 and smaller are the perfect homes for my photos. Ali's kits are thoughtfully designed to give you everything you need to make telling your stories, and completing your albums super easy! If you're new to all this, I invite you to check out this community of memory keepers for inspiration. If you've read this far down the post, I'm guessing your an Ali super fan by now, so this post is for you!

These kits are "packed" full with everything you need: pocket cards, stickers, & embellishments. And each month there are additional coordinated elements you can "add on" if you choose. The kits come packaged in the cutest envelope tied with a string closure. You can most certainly keep your kit together in this way, add a label, and store it this way. However, after collecting a few months of kits, I realized that I had really no idea what goodies were hiding inside.

ORGANIZATION TIP: Print an index card of the kit

I save the digital story kit image from Ali's site because it also has the stamp design on it. (additional tip for cross referencing supplies). And then print it out as a 4x6 photo on my Epson PM-400 printer. (love that little printer).

For each kit, I label a divider tab with the kit name, made from white card stock, cut to 4.5" x 6". and punched with my tab punch board.

Open up those kits!!

What I found works best for me is to open up the kit envelope and take the contents out. I go through the kit, so I can get a quick visual in my head. Then I write down ideas or story notes that might come to mind for this kit.

Take everything out of the plastic packaging

You're more likely to use an item if it's easily accessible. Using my tiny attacher I staple the clear sticker sheet to the card stock backing. And label all the sticker sheets with the kit name. This will come in handy for reference later on as the kits get used up.

I really love all the fun embellishments that come in these kits, but sometimes they can be hard to keep together. There was this one time...after reading an online organization post I broke up everything in the kits, and put like embellishments together, cards together, stickers together etc. TOTAL FAIL. I spent more time looking for all the coordinating pieces of the kit just to make one page. Always learning right?

Now I keep these types of embellishments together, using Avery Elle plastic pockets. I cut off the flap at 4" and tuck the items inside, I love these pockets because they are sturdy and I can see what's inside.

I file each story kit in ABC order; with the index print first for easy reference, the clear embellishment pocket, the pocket cards, and placing stickers or chipboard sheets at the back of the section in these perfectly sized clear bins. These bins sit on the shelf right under my work surface for easy access. You can see my story stamps are close by.

Anything within arms reach, or visually placed between your hips and eye level is known as prime real estate. Make sure your most used items are within this space.

One thing that I have found is that organizing is a process. An ongoing. evolving. and "learning what works best for you" process.

A while back, I found zipper pouches from Daiso, and I bought several in different sizes. I love using pouches like this when I travel to collect various ephemera and papers from our trip.

And as luck you have it, the smallest one (approx. 8"x6") is perfect for Story Kits! I think these bags are awesome! And love the two zippered sections. Once labeled these are easy to pull out a complete kit from my storage shelf. I purchased these locally at Daiso, but similar ones can be found on Amazon.

Are you crushing your storage? Which system do you like? Which one would work best for you? I'd love to hear your feedback. Find me@ kh_papercrush.


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