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Farmhouse Throw | Hand Knit Blanket

I'm taking a bit of liberty here, but chances are if you are crafty, you are fluent, like or are at least inspired by more than one type of craft medium. Although this blog primarily focuses on my love of paper crafting, I wanted to share another recent project with you. (free pattern available below)

A month ago I found myself in a "holding" pattern so to speak. Looking ahead to what the next twelve weeks would look like while I recover from a tibia plateau fracture and dependent on my family for tasks I used to take for granted. I needed a project that would consume my time creatively. I learned to knit as a teenager, and have made a few projects here and there, but usually I get bored in the process, and sadly they become abandoned in the unfinished project graveyard. I was determined that this time would be different. After all I had nothing to do but knit. No distractions. No other commitments or responsibilities. I was really excited about actually completing a knit project! Next question...what should I knit?

I turned to the "google of craftiness" aka Pinterest and spent almost an entire day immersed in searching and pinning projects & patterns. In my head I'd racked up a long list of I'm going to make this...and this..and this too! Then reality set in. I wanted something that met the following criteria for successful completion: on trend design, easy pattern, simple stitches, and had to be quick to knit! None of my pins really checked all those boxes.

I often find inspiration in home decor & design. So I switched gears and started searching for finished goods that had good color combinations, and a current design style. But finding a knit blanket pattern that matched my vision...I didn't have that. No problem, I'll just design aka make my own. (if you're a crafter, that's sure to sound familiar). I'm not a professional pattern designer by any means, but I wanted to try to recreate my vision. I turned to my favorite design software; It was super easy to create a canvas to "play" to come up with a pattern for the stripes and colors, adjusting, adding or deleting until I came up with something that I was happy with as a visual template for my throw.

I chose a worsted weight low pill yarn (Soft & Sleek from Hobby Lobby) in the colors of light gray, dark gray and mustard, and I'm really happy with how it feels to knit with. It's soft and drapes well, and easy to care for. I swatched the pattern to test the design, researched the finished size and required stitch count, and made some notes. I was happy with the results, so I bravely started the project. My golden lab, Lincoln was the perfect blanket tester and faithful knitting companion.

With a consistent knitting schedule every day, I was able to complete this Farmhouse Throw blanket in two weeks. Sometimes I power knitted, other times it was more Netflix than knitting. I chose to finish off the corners with big fluffy pom poms. To me they just add a sense of fun. This is a quick knit project that is beginner friendly and color combinations for this pattern are endless. ​I've already started another one at my daughter's request. She had so much fun choosing the yarn colors & designing her own version of the pattern using the Canva template.

I've had many requests for the pattern, so I have put together my notes into what I hope is an easy to follow format to follow to knit yourself this perfectly sized, super comfy & cozy Farmhouse Throw Blanket.


Level // Easy Finished Size // 36" x 48" Stitches // Knit + Purl Needles. // 5mm - US size 8 on 36" round Yarn // Low Pill Acrylic Fiber - Worsted Weight - 232 yds/skein

  • Color A - Light Gray // 4 balls

  • Color B - Dark Gray // 1 ball

  • Color C - Mustard // 2 balls

INSTRUCTIONS With main COLOR A, (main color) cast on 144 stitches. Ribbing/Border (Seed Stitch) Row 1 // K1 - P1 to end of row. Row 2 // P1 - K1 to end of row. Repeat the Row 1-Row 2 seed stitch ribbing pattern until the border measures 3cm (1 inch) or desired width ending with a purl row. Stockinette Stitch with seed stitch border Row 3 // First 6 stitches K1 - P1 - K1 - P1 - K1 - P1. Knit to last 6 stitches. Repeat K1 - P1 to edge. Row 4 // P1 - K1 - P1 - K1 - P1 - K1. Purl to last 6 stitches. Repeat P 1 - K1 to edge. Repeat Rows 3 & 4 until the main color A measures 7.5 cm (3 inches) ending with a purl row. Leave color A on needles. Alternating Stripes (garter stitch) With COLOR B Row 5 // KNIT all stitches. Row 6 // KNIT all stitches. With COLOR A Switch yarn to color A, and repeat Rows 5 & 6 With COLOR B Switch to color B, and repeat Rows 5 & 6 Repeat above stripe pattern again ending with a color B row to complete alternating stripes in garter stitch pattern. You should have 3 stripes of Color B and 2 stripes of Color A. With COLOR A (main color) repeat rows 3 & 4 until main color measures 5cm (2 inches) from last stripe. Solid Stripe (seed stitch) With COLOR C Repeat Row 3 once. Repeat Row 4 once. Repeat Rows 1 & 2 until section measures 4.5cm (2 inches) Repeat Row 3 once. Repeat Row 4 once. With COLOR A (main color) repeat rows 3 & 4 until main color measures 71cm (28 inches) from last stripe. At this point you will follow the stripe pattern above in reverse order to finish the blanket. Bind off. With COLOR C (or color of your choice) make 4 pom poms (approx 2.5" in size) and attach to the corners. Weave in ends.



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